If there were ever a device more leaked than this particular doozy, I’d like to see it. We’ve had shots from here to Timbuktu from every single angle of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, aka the PlayStation phone, but it’s never quite the same until you’ve actually got one in your very own hands. Take a peek at the video we’ve got, taken with our very own hands today in Barcelona – it’s hot!

We got the opportunity take a peek at several different games on the XPERIA Play today: Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior, FIFA ’10, and Asphalt 6 – all of them have performed spectacularly – behold a true mobile gaming device. The directional and PlayStation buttons all work as well or better than they ever have before, while the trackpads work a bit strangely compared to the sorts of feelings we’re used to in our digits – that is, there’s no feedback but for the action on the screen for the movement of these invisible joysticks.

[vms b1ebcdaad1f62fdbbac8]

Then there’s a bit more work that is going to have to be done to the software as we did see a couple of app crashes through our demo, but we are aware that this isn’t the final working model of course. Amongst other buggy items are going in between apps, bringing the screen from portrait and landscape orientation, and general starting up and shutting downs of apps.

[vms 5e1306c46f1c8daecee3]

One of the things we’re looking forward to the most on this cool beans game player is the exclusive titles Sony Ericsson has promised its customers as well as what’s going to happen as far as Sony’s licensing scheme and how developers will be singing up for and using it. Behold a lovely device: