A flurry of official Twitter account updates has apparently confirmed the delay of and subsequent release date (approximate release date, I should say) of the upcoming Xperia release known as the Neo. This Sony Ericsson device was originally supposed to come out the same time as the Xperia arc and Xperia Play around the globe back in March, but it appears that it was indeed the Japanese natural disaster line of events that pushed this device back to right around now. That is, for the rest of the world – this device has been released in Hong Kong for the entire suggested period.

What we’re learning now is that the Xperia Neo will be hitting the markets in Europe by the first week of July. Users can look forward to a lovely candybar with rounded sides and a landscape orientation suggested by the back logo set. Also, as you may already know, this device shares quite a few of the fun features the Xperia arc already has, but will be priced at a much more affordable point.

The sources confirming this information are Sony Ericsson Netherlands as well as Sony Ericsson Italy both of them picked up by our friends at Xperia Blog. They’ve confirmed further that this first week in July release date goes for an expanded bit of Europe that includes at least the Netherlands and Italy.

You can see the device in action below courtesy of our sister site SlashGear. This is a slightly older version of the phone (February 13th 2011,) so the final result will be slight different in at least the software, but it should give you an OK look at the device:

[vms 02c8ed1be1dfbf0835ea]

Rather bent, isn’t it!

[via Xperia Blog]