Sony today has quietly, and without much of any press, or Walkman lovers of any sort knowing, have announced the Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman Phone. Oh and did I mention that it runs Android. Although it is sadly only Android 2.1 Eclair. I can see this phone being perfect for some people, but having last generation hardware, and software I just don’t understand why, but for those Walkman lovers you can get it soon.

If you look closely at this W8 phone, it looks like a slightly redesigned Xperia X8, and the more we look at it and notice the hard keys on front, the volume rockers on the side. It is the same device. Just redesigned a small bit and has some walkman love built into it. Looks to also have a custom Walkman UI.

You can see more on this device and its specs and all the other Walkman information on both the Sony Ericsson W8 product page, as well as over at the Xperia Blog. Interesting device to just randomly show up on the Sony Ericsson product page, but we’ll take it. Will you be buying one? Or are you waiting for the Xperia Play?

[via Sony Ericsson]