The numbers for Sony Ericsson (SE) for Q3 2011 are in and they show that SE is starting to turn things around a bit from the horrible quarter it had in Q2 2011. In Q3 2100 SE shipped 9.5 million units compared to the 7.6 million units shipped in Q2 2011. The Q3 11 number is still down from the 10.4 million SE moved in Q3 2010. The average selling price was up in Q3 2011 to 166 euros compared to 156 euro last quarter.

Total sales for Q3 11 added up to 1,586 million euro compared to 1,193 million euro in Q2 2011 and 1,603 million euro in Q3 2010. SE has also stated that 80% of the sales it makes are smartphones and it has shipped 22 million Xperia smartphones so far. The gross margin for the quarter was 27% down 3% year-on-year.

The biggest thing that came out of the earnings event was the factoid that SE pans to move its entire portfolio to smartphones in 2012. That means a bunch more Android devices on the market since SE is using Android on its smartphones. It also means if you have your eye on some sort of SE feature phone you better buy it soon.

[via SlashGear]