Earlier this week we briefly mentioned the highly popular CyanogenMod 7 would be coming to a wide array of Sony Ericsson smartphones thanks to a group effort by the devs of Cyanogen and FreeXperia, today we have now learned we have one more to thank for the continued support — Sony Ericsson. They’ve teamed with CM and FreeXperia and we have the details below.

CyanogenMod announced full CM7 support for 10 Sony Ericsson smartphones earlier this week including the Xperia Play, Arc, Neo, X10 and more and now we are learning a bit more details. It seems SE has decided to show full support to the developer and modding community be helping with the development of CM7 and other ROM’s for their smartphones.

Karl-Johan Dahlström (pictured above), Head of developer relations for SE, posted all the details and outlined their full support recently over on the Sony Ericsson Developer Blog. Basically SE has decided to help and assist CM and FreeXperia to both share knowledge, as well as learn a thing or two from the community developers. SE has provided technical know-how, specific device hardware support, even debugged and rebuilt camera binaries to help expedite the processes and keep things running smooth and stable throughout.

Sony Ericsson does make it very clear on the blog however, that once you root and install custom recoveries and ROM’s your warranty will be void, and you’ll be provided with no official support. Then again anyone flashing custom ROM’s and CM7 nightlies already knows this right? Karl goes on to end on this note:

Overall, we do think the initiative to support these independent developers is a way for Sony Ericsson to show our support to the open developer community. We truly hope to make a difference in the world of Android.

What a great move by Sony Ericsson, it is nice to see manufacturers moving in this direction just as Samsung and HTC have done in the recent past. Get ready Sony Ericsson users, you’re about to be treated to some full out CyanogenMod 7 very soon!

[via CyanogenMod]


  1. Good work SE, and thank you CyanogenMod and freeXperia teams for your valuable contribution, as a xperia x8  user this means a lot, thanks again


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