If you are one of the users that picked up the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 or X10 and have been counting the days until there was an update for Android offered, you can stop counting. SE is rolling out the update for Android to the devices right now and the only catch is the update is gradually rolling out.

The update brings the X10 and X8 up to Android 2.1. The updates are landing at different times based on where you live and the update also depends on the SI-number on the back of your device. You can get a complete list of the SI-numbers that have been confirmed for the update already on the official SE blog post.

The updates for the X8 are just like the updates for the X10 mini and mini pro smartphones that have been rolling out. Again, when you will get the update depends on where you live and what the SI-number on your device is. Look here for a list of devices the update is available for already. Let us know when you get the update how you like it.