To a novice user, getting a smartphone like the Sony Xperia Arc can be like diving into the deep end of the pool. Sony Ericsson appreciates that and has released a series of videos to help answer questions of potential new Android customers. The videos explore specific features of each phone and answer questions. But there’s also a support aspect which makes these videos quite useful for the novice user.

The videos can be accessed using your Sony-Ericsson Xperia phone. Users just look in the application tray or click on the support widget on the right side of the desktop pane. Then select “experience more.” The videos can also be viewed on their YouTube Channel.

There are videos on just about every feature and every phone and Sony is adding to their content almost every day. So whether you’re new to the market for an Android phone or need an answer to how to connect it to your TV to watch videos, and everything in between, these videos are a great tool to get the answers needed. And if there isn’t an answer, Sony also has their support forum at

[via Sony-Ericsson Blog]


  1. Good video tutorials are a great idea for Android devices and quickly dispels the “it’s to complex and only for geeks” BS.


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