This super strange itty bitty little device is called the Sony Ericsson LiveView. It’s got a touchscreen frame, two buttons on the top, and a clip for your belt (or whatever else you’d like to clip it on) on the back. LiveView is a remote 1.3 inch display that mirrors the activity going on in your Android Phone. This little baby was announced to be on sale on November 19th (4 days from now) back on the 3rd of November (12 days ago) at UK retailer Play, but apparently some other stores have their hands on it already.

You can buy this little guy from SuperTrader and have it delivered to you (if you live in the UK) for £48.97. If you live in France, try PhoneHouse and get it for €59. In Germany, go for and have it for €42. All of these sources are courtesy of Xperia X10 Blog.

This thingy is a strange little duck, but when you compare it’s size and shape and functionality and the fact that it definitely can be attached to your arm as a watch, and you’ll see that it’s very similar in many ways to the current generation iPod Nano. Not quite as weird. Watch this presentation video.

[Via Xperia X10 Blog]


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