Although many do not agree with the Sony Ericsson LiveView and thing it’s an unneeded device, many could consider a small iPod Nano like display for their phones a useful thing. Well it looks like the launch date is definitely getting closer with the FCC taking a look at the device this week.

Along with the FCC’s hands-on, for reasons other than we’re interested in, we get to see more of the device which is surprisingly thick for a device of it’s size, compared to the new iPod Nano at least. But all of the aesthetics aside, the device will let you get all of your phones important information at a glance including incoming calls and messages, emails, and even supports 3rd party app integration.

Needed or not, the Sony Ericsson LiveView is definitely an interesting device. We will see in the coming months if it’s a success or a flop.

You can check out the full FCC filing here.

[Via Engadget]