Today it seems that Sony Ericsson has become the first manufacturer to launch their own channel on Google’s Android Market. This channel is open now, and is dependent on which carrier you’re on, but they say it’ll be open to “most” Android users across the USA (and the world?) This feature will be replacing your “My Apps” section on the main bar (next to apps and games) moving, but not REmoving, that feature from the market. If you see the Sony Ericsson button in the market and want to instead head to My Apps, all you’ve got to do now is press your menu button to find it.

But wait a second, says basically everyone in the world, the “My Apps” button is the one I use the MOST! Sony Ericsson will have quite the time, we estimate, making this section valuable enough for people to stop complaining about how it’s changing their experience for the worse. That said, this channel will provide an area where Sony Ericsson will be able to send out the games and apps they feel best work with the phones they’re producing. For the better? Or for the brand?

Have a peek at a few futures of this new channel below, and let us know if you’re excited to see it show up on your Sony Ericsson phone:

– Provide recommendations to help you find the best games & apps that enhance your Sony Ericsson ‘most entertaining’ experience.
– Provide a way to easily find original apps from Sony Ericsson such as Timescape plugins etc.
– From time to time offer exclusive games & apps only available in this channel.
– Help our developer partners promote their apps & games giving them a highlighted market space to our consumers.

[via Sony Ericsson]