As you might already know, some folks around these internets have been noticing that the brand new Xperia arc has sometimes (basically all the time) been displaying Android version 2.4. What’s that, it’s running Ice Cream, you say? Nay. As Sony Ericsson rep Rikard Skogberg notes in a brand new Q and A (plus demo video), any number displayed on the phone above 2.3 is a misconfiguration in the sample phone whoever sees it is using. He notes that this is “nothing to get too excited about really, sorry.”

AWWW darnit, says everyone else, wishing for secrets and sugary candy. Take a peek at this full question answering session here, clearing up some questions lots of people were having about Xperia arc since its announcement a few days ago:

• The CPU and GPU specs are: MSM8255 at 1 GHz with Adreno 205.
• The music player does have an equalizer, my current software has 10 different genre based presets.
• It does not have a front facing camera.
• Mediascape is removed in its earlier form and has changed into a customizable widget based “media pane” (as shown briefly in the video)
• It’s too early to officially give detailed comments around specific later Android versions for XperiaTM arc during its lifecycle but the changes we have made to our way of working with Android puts us in a good position to make sure that Xperia arc will get later versions in a timely manner.
• I’ve seen articles around higher numbers than 2.3 being seen in the display of Xperia arc phones – As I have been informed that is due to a misconfiguration in some samples and nothing to get too excited about really, sorry.
• It does have two microphones which will be used for noise suppression during phone calls.
• The camera LED flash is possible to put in four different modes; Auto, Fill-flash, Red-eye Reduction & Off.
• It does have full multi touch support, I just tried a similar multi touch test app as I did in the video on the X10 and at least in that app it accepts 4 simultaneous touch points without any issues with X- and Y-axis or such things. I will try to get confirmation on final specs in regards to multi touch.
• It does support wi-fi up to the 802.11n mode.

Next take a peek at the demo video Skogberg posted running through the design and the home screen, and don’t forget to check out our pal SlashGear’s hands on video.

[Via Sony Ericsson]


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