Sony has long been known for having great cameras. The Cyber-Shot is a very popular line and I remember loving my 2.0MP Cyber-Shot k750i cellphone back in the day. It was my first phone with a “good camera” back then. Times have changed and Sony Ericsson looks to be getting back into the camera roots with a Cyber-Shot branded android smartphone. Although the pictures below look to be taken by Mr. Blurrycam himself and his old 1.3MP camera, and clearly not a Cyber-shot, they are interesting either way.

From that image leaked you can sort of make out the “Cyber-shot” branding above the buttons, but like mentioned it is a blurry photo indeed. Looking at the three button layout some might say it could be a Windows Phone 7 device, but another photo below clearly shows the android friendly home, menu, and back buttons. Not to mention they are laid out similarly to recently released Xperia products from Sony Ericsson.

For now this is all we have regarding this Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot sporting smartphone. Weather they will label it as having a Carl Zeiss lens, or Xenon flash is still unknown, but most likely they will. The image above shows the android layout as well as the camera branding a little more clearly for your viewing pleasure. We will report back on this as we hear more.

[via Xperia Blog]