Whoa. In a brand new report from Engadget, we can basically say that our socks have been officially rocked. If you own an Android handset, and we’re pretty sure you do, then you know that the gaming market hasn’t necessarily been the best on the mobile Operating System so far. Sure, there are some options out there that are fun in their own right, but there aren’t many high-profile titles out there. Especially not compared to the competition. But, if this is turning out to be true, then things are about to change in a major way.

Sony Ericsson is working on something different. Something new, and something that’s going to completely change the way the Android consumer looks at Sony Ericsson. Speaking to a trusted source, the company is apparently developing not only an entire ecosystem, a device, and an entire gaming platform, all based on the Android 3.0 mind state. The hardware is based on the idea of a phone, and apparently it’s not going to lose that appeal. Apparently it’s going to look reminiscent of the Samsung Captivate, and a strange crossover to the PSPgo. A landscape slider, that instead of having a full QWERTY keyboard, will actually have a control scheme more suited for video games.

The display will be between anywhere between 3.7- and 4.1-inches, have a WVGA resolution (or better), and a 5MP camera on the back of the device. Under the hood, the report suggests that a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. But, apparently none of these details are finalized, and could change well before the launch of the device. The color scheme will be between black and silver, and apparently the controls will be white. Apparently, it’s “pretty damn sexy.”

The software will be the aforementioned Android 3.0, or Gingerbread. And, it will have a phone-oriented skin. The Android Market will be a game-specific version. As for graphics, they’ll be on the level of PSX or PSP, which isn’t half bad at all. Amazing, in fact. Basically, that’s 3D gaming, and that’s great news. Apparently titles are already being shown off, like Modern Warfare, God of War, and Little Big Planet.

Details are still light in the really important parts here, but as you can see, there’s still plenty to go on. As for a release date, apparently there’s more to be announced or revealed by the time October rolls around. That’s so close, it’s almost ridiculous. However, even October hasn’t been confirmed. As soon as more happens, we’ll pass it along.

[via Engadget]


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