So it looks like Sony Ericsson, soon to be Sony is gearing up for some exciting news at CES. Stating today on multiple social network sites that they have “interesting news” and that “something big is coming” sometime next week. Obviously this will most likely be their next flagship phone, but we can’t say for sure.

The image above is what they are teasing us with over at the official Facebook page and on Google+ they have a photo that reveals even less and is as bland as it gets — but it’s all about the build up right? We all basically already were expecting a few different devices from Sony Ericsson and most likely all their new and exciting products will be everywhere at CES. They’ll most likely be announcing their new flagship phone — the Nozomi next week.

Many leaks and reports have called it the Xperia Arc HD but nothing has been officially confirmed. Either way we’ll all know what SONY has in store next sometime this week or early next week during the kickoff for CES 2012. Latest leaks suggest the Nozomi will be rocking Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and you can see more details on recent leaks by hitting any of the links in our timeline below.

I’m excited to see what SONY has in store for their mobile division, especially since they bought out Ericsson’s half and have claimed to be going “all in” with Android in 2012. Who else is excited?