Sony Ericsson has announced that it has teamed up with cloud storage provider Box. The partnership will give users of Xperia branded smartphones access to 50GB of file sharing and storage free. That free storage can be used to store all the digital files you need including photos, music, and video. The free storage is accessed with the Box for Android app.

The special offer is running from December 15, 2011 through December 31, 2012 and is available for any Xperia user worldwide. To access the free 50GB of storage the user needs to log in only once during that special period to gain access to the 50GB for the life of the account. The offer is even good on Xperia that launch next year as long as the log-in is done before December 31 of 2012.

The company says that the 50GB of storage is enough space for about 50,000 docs, photos, and presentations. I am sure that Box is hoping all these users sign up for additional storage or services to offset the cost of the free storage.