The device you see in the picture below is the rumored “Shakira”. It isn’t as sexy as the singer but it does look good. This device will be coming soon and is the little brother of the X10. If the X10 is too big for you and the Mini’s are too small, this will fit your needs if you like the styling of the X10.

There are currently no solid specs on this device. It is said that is has lower specs than the X10. Hopefully it has a strong processor, a better screen and double the RAM of the X10. The screen size is likely 3.2-3.5, personally I think 3.5 would be the sweet spot. If this phone does have lower specs than the X10 no matter how it looks, it will flop. How you feel about this potential device? Would you get one if it has lower specs than the X10?

[via se-blog]