Next month, Sony will be releasing a new kind of USB flash drive that is designed to fit all your file transferring needs, literally. This 2-in-1 USB drive has connectors that fit both micro and regular USB ports. And it’s made to be Android-friendly to boot.

There isn’t really a lack of portable file storage solutions, but the varying ports found on devices do make it more difficult to settle on a single one. A majority of smartphones and tablets have micro USB ports, but desktops and laptops mostly only have regular-sized USB slots. At the very least, some sort of cable, connector, or adapter will be required. Not exactly convenient when one needs to quickly transfer some files from one device to another.

Sony has a fix that is even smaller than a USB thumb drive. On one end, this dual USB flash drive sports a regular USB connector. But take off the cover of the other end and you will be greeted by a micro USB connector as well. The USB was made to be compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and higher but said devices should also offer USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality. Sony recommends using a certain File Manager app available for free from Google Play Store for best results.


The Sony 2-in-1 USB flash drives will be available from Sony retail stores starting January next year. The drives will be priced at $19.99 for 8 GB capacity, $29.99 for 16 GB, and $62.99 for 32 GB of data storage.

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  1. 30 bucks for a 64G flash drive plus 6 bucks for an OTG cable says Sony thinks we’re a bunch of mental defectives. shit. for only a bit more than their fancy 32G thing you could have a 128G flash drive and the OTG cable.

      • You didn’t understand what I wrote. What I wrote and meant was that for less money you can have way more storage with a flash drive/OTG cable pairing, or spend a bit more and have a huge amount of storage. I understand perfectly what this is. The problem is that it’s a more expensive solution offering less storage than the flash drive/OTG cable pairing. And the extra convenience, if there is any, of having the adapter and storage integrated isn’t worth the expense when the flash drive/OTG cable pairing is hardly inconvenient in the first place.

  2. The 32GB is too expensive. You can get a Meenova* and a 32GB micro SD card for much less.

    * The Meenova is a small MicroSD card reader with a micro USB plug instead of a regular USB plug so you can plug it directly into your phone/tablet if it supports USB OTG, it also comes with an adaptor to plug it into a regular USB port. I bought mine when it was on Kickstarter and there wasn’t any other products that did the same thing, it’s nice and small, well built and works great. Though I should note I have recently seen a cheaper similar product on eBay, but I don’t know how well the cheaper alternative works.


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