When the FES watch came out almost two years ago and crowd-funded its way to wrists in Japan, little did people know that it was actually from Sony and its subsidiary Fashion Entertainment. It was also released through First Flight, a crowdfunding platform, also from Sony. An updated version of the fashion watch, the FES Watch U is now seeking funding again, although just like its predecessor, it would only be available in Japan for now.

There are several other e-ink wearable devices in the market like Pebble, but what makes the FES Watch unique is that you change your smartwatch strap on the fly just by pressing a button. It’s really for the more fashion conscious users out there. The FES Watch U is basically the same as the original, but adding more design to it. It will come with 12 base designs, but over time, more will be added through the mobile app.


The catch here is that the app will actually not be on Android, but on iOS. We hope they’ll be adding an Android version though, particularly since the Sony smartphones are on this platform. Also, just like the original watch, the FES Watch U will only be available in Japan. But since it is now a better product than before, there might be a chance that they’ll offer it outside.


For now though, it has to raise enough funds by October 7 to go into full production. If you’re living in Japan and would like to support this e-ink fashionable watch, you may pledge anywhere between ¥44,710 and ¥59,940 ($438 to $587) to support it and get the FES Watch U for yourself.


VIA: SlashGear


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