Wireless charging seems to be slowly, very slowly, catching on. Device manufacturers are starting to churn out their own wireless charging products, with Sony‘s CP-W5 being the latest in the group.

The Sony CP-W5 is not your regular wireless charger though. Sure, it serves up a charging plate when hooked up to an AC power supply just like any other. However, it is also a portable charger that you can stash in your bag and use elsewhere without having to be tethered to a wall. What’s more, you can even fall back to the conventional micro USB cable should the need arise. The CP-W5 houses a 5,000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can retain 90 percent of its capacity even after a thousand charge cycles, thanks to Sony’s own Hybrid-Gel Technology. When charging wirelessly, it gives an output of 1.0 A but gives out 1.5 A when using the cable.

Perhaps the best part of the Sony CP-W5, aside from portability, is that it uses the Qi wireless charging standard. This makes it compatible with any device or accessory that adheres to the same standard. Of course, the biggest disadvantage of wireless charging is that it is still uncommon, with very few devices supporting it right out of the box. At most, you will be forced to use a wireless charging case, which could add some bulk to your otherwise thin device.

Details about the Sony CP-W5 wireless portable charger are scarce at the moment, with the product still absent from Sony’s catalog. The charger is expected to be available starting next month in a white color option. Pricing is still unknown.

Source: HardwareZone



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