Aiming to deliver perfect audio indoor and outdoors, Sony is outing two new members of its wireless SRS speaker family. The SRS-X3 and the SRS-X2 don’t only sound good but also look good, making them something you won’t be ashamed to show off whether in the house or out and about.

The smaller of the two, the SRS-X2 sports a stylish design and a lightweight footprint. Make no mistake, however. This handy wireless speaker utilizes Sony’s own ClearAudio+ technology to give just the right audio quality in whatever scenario. The speakers connect to mobile devices primarily via Bluetooth, making it compatible with almost any Android device and not just Sony’s Xperia line. Those with NFC capability can also take advantage of the speakers’ “one touch” functionality for quick and easy playback of music.

Somewhat more interesting is the bigger, and heavier, SRS-X3. This speaker carries a more industrial look with sharp straight edges. The speaker enhances the quality of its bass output by employing two passive radiators, one at the back and one at the front, in addition to the air pressure coming from its full range speakers. On a full charge, its battery is capable of lasting 7 hours of continuous play time and can then be recharged either via a micro USB cable or an AC power supply. One bonus feature of this speaker is that it has a built-in speaker phone so that you can take calls without having to pause your music.

Both the Sony SRS-X2 and the SRS-X3 are available in black, red, and white color options. According to Sony, the portable wireless speakers will go on sale in Europe staring July this year but has conveniently left out pricing details.