If you think you’re ready to be blown away by 4K digital content, then Sony has got the answer for your TV needs. The Japan-based consumer electronics company just announced its new UltraHD TV line, all with 4K resolution, to start shipping in May but available for pre-orders now. The best part? All of the models come with Android TV.

That’s right. Sony has taken an “all Android TV” approach for its smart TV needs, not surprising with all the digital console-slash-gaming boxes that have all adopted Android TV as their platform of choice. The televisions that Sony are offering, apart from blowing you away with 4K depth and resolution, will all carry its proprietary Sony X1 processor. That means that Android TV will not have any problems at all running on these gargantuan screens.

That X1 processor is not just for show, though. It also means that all existing 720p and 1080p HD content you have will be upscaled to 4K via the X-Reality PRO engine that is run by said processor. Pretty cool, Sony. What’s more, the higher-end models will also feature the TRILUMINOS displays that have made Sony’s Xperia devices so famous.


Sony rolled out the X900C TV model at CES 2015, and a lot of people were wowed by the 4.7mm slim screen. The X900C will actually ship with this line in 55-inch and 65-inch versions, no prices yet. The X830C 43-inch and 49-inch models will be available in May for USD$1,299.99 and USD$1,599.99 respectively. The X850C in 55-inches for USD$2,199.99, 65-inches for USD$3,499.99, and 75-inches for USD$4,999.99. Lastly, X930C model is 65-inches for USD$4,499.99, while the X940C is 75-inches for USD$7,999.99. Fancy a 4K UltraHD Android-powered TV?