When I was seven or eight the teenage girl that lived behind us was really hot. She often walked around in a swimsuit sporting her massive Walkman and to this day if you say the Walkman name I think about good ol’ Debbie. The Walkman has changed a lot over the years, Debbie has as well. The Walkman got slimmer and last I saw, the opposite had happened to my adolescent fantasy babe.

Sony has announced that the Walkman is going to change again next year with the introduction of an Android powered version. Details are scant at this point. What is known is that the navigation for the DAP will be powered by Android.

Google’s open source and free OS is finding a home in many different products of late. We first saw Android in smartphones and then it started trickling into netbooks. Now we will get Android DAPs and I suspect before it is all said and done, Android will find its way into other electronic devices as well.

[via Nikkan]