We finally can get a good look at the latest Android offering from Sony. This time around, they are introducing a new Walkman, these new pictures are going to be used in an upcoming promotion for the device. In the past we’ve only seen renders and a quick blurry shot. It’s a nice looking compact media player, this should be a good one.

The new Walkman looks almost exactly like the X10 Mini. It runs the same UI that has been tailored to fit a media only device. It will feature Android 1.6 but that’s not really a deal breaker for this type of handset. We’ll have to wait to see if Sony does bring Android 2.1 or higher to the Walkman, I would think that’s not too much work to port the update from the Mini to this. If this device has the same media capabilities as the X10, this will surely revitalize the Walkman brand.

[via unwiredview]


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