While companies are racing to make charging tech faster than ever, some people are content with their current charging speed and technology. It’s for the simple reason that batteries need time to recover and must not be abused. The problem with fast chargers, if not certified or made by a reputable company, there is a possibility of extreme wear and tear.

Batteries can only last for a certain period of time. You need to change them because they deteriorate faster especially when they get hotter. To make sure the quality of battery life lasts longer, Sony is introducing “Soft Charging”. It’s a new feature included on the Marshmallow AOSP update for the not-so-new Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3. This additional feature is available on the latest beta version of the firmware.

The “Soft Charging” will be managed with an on/off toggle. The idea is to “slow down” the charging to ensure the temperature of the battery will remain cool. Once a battery gets hotter, there is the danger of it going bonkers. Slow and steady is key for the battery cell to last longer. This suggests that fast-charging can be done if only when there is little time or the person is in a hurry.

Honestly, we haven’t even thought about the effects of fast-charging because in this day and age, battery life gets shorter each day. With the advancements in mobile platforms, the devices use up more energy. Numerous activities or apps running drain out batteries faster so we’re not surprised why phones and tablets run out of power quickly.

The solution is either connect to a power bank, change the battery, or do a fast-charge. Fast charging can be a lifesaver whenever you’re in a rush but if not, you may want to reconsider charging the normal way.

VIA: PocketNow