Google Play Music support has arrived on Sonos this morning. The support will be available for those using the Android app, as well as the controller app on a desktop. And interestingly, you’ll also be able to stream Play Music (to a Sonos setup) direct from the Play Music app in the same way you have been streaming to a Chromecast.

The Play Music setup on Sonos allows users to stream any music you have uploaded to Google, or music from All Access. The obvious catch with the latter is you will need to be a Play Music subscriber to stream All Access (anything not in your Play Music library). For reference, All Access will set you back $9.99 per month.


Getting up and running will take just a minute or so. Those using the Android app will need to tap the “Add Music Services” option from the main menu and then choose and login to Play Music. Alternatively, from the desktop you’ll follow a similar path and choose the “Add Music Services” option from the “Select a Music Source” menu.

Otherwise, once up and running with Play Music on Sonos you will have access to your complete library of uploaded tracks and any playlists or instant mixes you have created. There is also the “I’m feeling lucky mix” option available. Bottom line here, the long wait for Play Music support on Sonos has come to an end.