Earlier this month, we learned Sonos speakers would finally get that Google Assistant support. The day has come and owners of Sonos sound system will be able to say “Hey Google” all the time if they want something to be done. No need to get a new speaker because only a software update will bring the Assistant to your device. This has been a long time coming since we first heard of the idea at the CES in Las Vegas.

Sonos has always been known for offering a brilliant audio experience. It’s getting an improvement with the addition of smart control for Google Assistant. It’s not the first voice assistant that teamed up with Sonos but we believe Google’s is the more advanced.

Your Sonos One and Sonos Beam will soon feature built-in Google Assistant. With the update, you can command them to search for something, play a song, queue a movie or TV episode, check the traffic or weather, and even control your other smart devices.

Sonos and Google Assistant’s team-up lets you manage a smart home just by saying a few words and phrases. The new features will be available once the software update is implemented.

It will be ready in the US first. The same upgrade will roll out in most parts of the UK, Canada, Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Australia sometime in July.

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said, “We value freedom of choice, empowering listeners to choose what they want to listen to and how they want to control it. Adding voice, now with the Google Assistant, has made that control even easier.” Google is just one option for smart control because there’s also Alexa but we believe it’s more efficient.

With Google Assistant, Sonos promises a number of new things like system control, endless music streaming, easy control for TV, and the usual smart home connectivity. You can wait for the software update or see Sonos in action in New York from June 7 to 9. The company will be showcasing the power of Sonos with Google Assistant through different multi-sensory installations.