If you like reading but you seem to have no time to sit down and read a physical or digital one lately, one solution would be to listen to audio book versions while you’re doing your chores or other things that do not need that much concentration. Amazon-owned Audible is probably the biggest audiobooks library right now and if you have any Sonos products lying around, you will now be able to listen to any of the titles in their database directly on your smart speakers.

You can now add Audible to your Sonos app and play your choice of audiobooks on any of your supported speakers. You can also play the books directly from the Audible app. A future update to the Sonos app will let you use Alexa to control the audiobook that you’re playing on the speakers. If you want to use the Sonos app to play your latest fiction or non-fiction read, add Audible as a service in the app. Then choose the book you want to play and navigate the chapters or play forward or backward 30 seconds.

If you use Audible on your other devices, it will pick up where you left off when you play it on your Sonos speakers. If you don’t have an Audible account yet, for a limited time you can get two free credits and a copy of Mles: The Autobiography of Miles Davis pre-loaded if you sign up for a 30-day trial. However, you have to sign up through the Sonos app and not directly through Audible or Amazon.

For now, Audible on Sonos is only available in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. No news yet if it will expand to other territories as well.

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