Sonos speakers are probably one of the best in the market right now but they’re also one of the most expensive ones. If you live in the Netherlands and you’ve been thinking of having some of their high-end devices, you can sign up for their subscription service so you can rent them instead of buying them. It’s a pretty unusual strategy for the company but one where they are hoping to bring more of their premium-priced products to more households.

According to PC Mag, the subscription service is called Sonos Flex and customers will pay a monthly fee to be able to use Sonos speakers at their homes or offices. For $16.50 per month, you get two Sonos One speakers either in black or white. If you get the $27.50 per month tier, you’ll be able to add a Sonos Beam soundbar if you want to make your television sound better. The highest tier is the $55 per month and you’ll get a Playbar aside from the three devices already included.

Sonos also assures users that they will replace your speakers with the latest version if they will be releasing new devices while you’re still subscribed. So if you do the math, you might get better value for money with the subscription service than actually buying the devices. But it also depends of course on the value of the existing speakers and the eventual new ones that they will release and the fact that audio equipment that you buy can last you for years.

Unfortunately for non-Netherlands living people, this is a small pilot program that they’re only testing there for now. A spokesperson for the company said that they will not be sharing any future plans for now but they assured customers that they will be “listening” to feedback throughout the running of this subscription service.

Let’s see how this model will fare and if people will actually bite. If you buy the speakers included in the subscription, it would cost you $398, $797, and $1,796 respectively. So just do the math and see which one would serve you better. Well, if you live in the Netherland, that is.