Sonos has unveiled the latest version of their Android app. This release will bring what is being referred to as a “sleek” new design, and universal search. Users can begin playing with this latest version as of today, but they will need to be willing to run a beta release. Sonos expects this to reach the Play Store as a non-beta release in the “spring.”

You see, for now this latest Sonos Android app update is only available in beta. Those interested will need to visit the Sonos website and log in to your account. From there look for the “Sonos Beta” option in the left-side navigation, and then click the red “Join” option which is sitting to the right of “New! Test the New Sonos Controller App for Android.”

Once that is done you’ll be taken to a page detailing the new features and changes — and you will also be given a link to download the app. An email will also follow shortly with deeper instructions. Summing those up — uninstall the current Play Store release, make sure you can install non-Play Store apps (Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources), then download and install the new Sonos using the link provided in your email.

Included above are some screenshots from the current non-beta release. Sitting below are some screenshots from this new beta release. For reference, this beta release has arrived as version 5.0 (build 26175051a). We’ve only been playing for a few minutes, so it is hard to say whether any issues will pop-up, however we can say there was no problem getting it installed and paired up with our current Sonos setup.

As you’ll likely notice, the design is much improved, especially for those who may not have been fans of the blue. That all being said, touching back on those two new features — the new design and universal search, and here is how those break down;

New design and simplified interface:
 A refreshed design and simplified interface makes listening to your Sonos more intuitive than ever before. The app’s three main modules allow for a simple navigation between the music currently playing, what room it’s playing in and how to find the next song you want. It’s been designed as a platform to bring you the best music experience for your home today, with the ability to adapt to what we have in store in the future.

Introducing our universal search: 
We’ve brought all our streaming services together for our simplest search ever to bring you the music you love in a heartbeat. For example, search for an artist in one window and we will search for that artist across all your music services at the same time. Play their radio station on Pandora. Look up their album on Spotify. Play one of their latest tracks through Hype Machine. It’s completely up to you.