Everyone’s favorite HedgeHog is back for more action here on Android. SEGA is getting set to release the second installment of Sonic 4 for Android but this time we’ll be getting some NVIDIA Tegra 3 action to go along with it. Making the gaming and graphics even better, and we’ll be seeing it sometime in April.

While we were live in Spain during Mobile World Congress SEGA and NVIDIA both announced that Episode 2 would be coming to Android, although we mentioned this back in December. Following up on the successful first episode we quickly ran over to the NVIDIA booth to get some hands-on with it. The graphics and gameplay looks awesome even though it was suffering while being mirrored to a 65″ HDTV on the wall — but it sure was fun.

[vms eefb81b1a1d39ce48681]

With Episode II we get our Tails sidekick back and can enjoy enhanced graphics and gameplay thanks to the quad-core Tegra 3 processor in devices like the Transformer Prime and many upcoming quad-core smartphones. Playing with a wireless Logitech game controller actually gives this a console quality feeling and was extremely impressive. We snapped a few photos of the setup below, as well as an image of the on-screen graphics for an idea of what to expect.

According to SEGA the new Episode II should be available sometime in early April and we will be watching out for more details, and be sure to review it in full once humanly possible.