In case the awesome new games from Gameloft or Zombie Gunship aren’t your type of fun, we have another excellent title to talk about today. The great folks over at SEGA have just released Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing to the Google Play Store for nearly all of our Android devices. Yes! It isn’t quite Mario Kart, but it will have to do.

This game brings me more joy than I’d care to admit, and it’ll only cost you a quick $1.99 from the Play Store. Starring the famous and world’s fastest hedgehog, Sonic, you’ll be flying around corners and racing against some of SEGA’s most popular characters from the old days.

The crazy and frantic races to the finish line can be enjoyed on 16 different tracks, and you can play as tons of your favorite characters. 13 to be exact. Then those 16 different tracks will be used to complete over 25 missions all while driving a car, monster truck, bike, plane and even a banana! They state each vehicle drives and handles differently, so you’ll have to learn them all.

The gameplay is actually quite fun, and will be familiar to anyone who enjoyed Mario Kart as a kid. You’ll be flying around corners and grabbing the usual power-ups to continue and try to beat the clock, and other racers. You can play against up to three others, and there’s full online multiplayer action as well. Get it below for $1.99 and fire up the engines.

VIA: Play Store