Android using fans of live music might want to check out a new app called Songkick Concerts. The application is designed to make it easy for Android device users to find when their favorite artists will be on tour. The application has two different ways that users can find their favorite artists.

A tap of the “+” icon allows the user to type in an artist name and search for the specific artist and then track that artist. Artists that are on tour will have a red “on tour” sash on the listing. If the artist you search for isn’t on tour, the application will return a no upcoming events response.

The more interesting way to search for your favorite artists is to simply allow the app to scan your music library from your device. The app will also scan Pandora and Last.FM applications looking for artists that you listen to and match them against its database. The app reportedly works as well for established mainstream artists as for smaller and relatively unknown independent bands.

The app also has a calendar section of allows you to add a concert date to Google Calendar that you might want to attend. The app also has links allowing you to purchase tickets to the shows as well.

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