There are still very few smartphones or tablets in the market that are using biometrics like fingerprint scanning as an added security measure, probably because designers are having a hard time putting it within the increasingly thinner devices that consumers are asking for. But a new breakthrough from Sonavation, “a pioneer in ultrasound biometric technology” may be a step towards solving that problem, as they can now apply a sensor compatible with the Corning Gorilla Glass.

In simple terms, this means that a smartphone or tablet can now have fingerprint reading capabilities just by having you press your prints on the screen, no need for a separate sensor somewhere within your gadget, as long as it uses Gorilla Glass. This is quite a breakthrough since a lot of OEMs use this specific brand for displays because of its strength and durability. This also means that since the sensor is behind this sturdy glass, it cannot be destroyed unless the display is destroyed first, rendering the device basically useless anyway.

They did not give much details about how the under the glass sensor will actually work. But Rainier Schmitt, Sonavation’s Chief Technology Officer, mentioned that the sensor can detect the ridges and valleys of a fingertip even though the glass. And even if your fingertip is a little dirty or oily or wet, it can 3D scan it and still be able to read it.

Having a sensor under the glass can even work on a wider range of other devices, not just smartphones and tablets. Anything that has a window, like your car or your office, can also now become a biometric security check. Let’s wait and see how long before Sonavation will be able to apply their breakthrough into actual products.

SOURCE: Sonavation