The display on Sony’s Xperia S is pretty awesome: a 1280×720 IPS display in a 4.3-inch phones makes for one of the highest pixel densities in the smartphone world, with color accuracy to match. But aparently all is not well in Xperia town – many users are reporting an unpleasant shift into the yellow spectrum when the phone gets hot, i.e., under any sort of high data or processing load. Sony told Cnet UK that they’re aware of the problem, and will repair customers’ phones at no extra cost.

According to Sony, the problem arises when the phone reaches a temperature of above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Farenheit). Even so, the company claims that it only affects a small number of units. If your shiny new Xperia S seems a little jaundiced, Sony advises you to contact your local customer service center (which you can probably find by giving Sony themselves a call).

It’s got to be said that even the highest-powered smartphones shouldn’t be reaching over a hundred degrees in temperature at any time – the only way we’ve been able to replicate that kind of heat on our own phones is with strenuous WiFi tethering. Even so, temperature has a noted effect on digital screens of all kinds. Check out an expensive car stereo setup after days in a hot car and you’ll likely see the same problem. Xperia S owners in the audience, let us know if you’re experiencing these issues.