A lot of people were pretty excited about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, particularly because of the new SPen and its spring mechanism. But it looks like there was possibly a design flaw that the OEM might have overlooked as some users have reported that accidentally putting in the SPen in the wrong direction is not actually detected by the device and might cause permanent damage to your brand new device.

Okay, it might sound idiotic for someone to actually stick the SPen in the wrong way, but it has been known to happen, when a user may become too distracted or a child (or even an adult) may have accidentally done it. Unlike the previous Note phablets, where if you try to stick the not pointy end in first, there is resistance from the device since it’s wrong, this time around, the Note 5 seems to not do the same. It still slides in like there’s nothing wrong, but when you try to get it out, that’s when the problems begin.

An online site tried to do this several times and got the same result, with the S Pen currently stuck in the Note 5 as per the video annotation. And even if you do eventually get the pen out, you might have broken the mechanism already, specifically the one that recognizes whether your S Pen is attached or detached.

If this is an actual design flaw, then it is highly unusual for such a big company like Samsung to make that mistake. We’re still waiting for an official statement from them, as to why this has happened and whether they will give Galaxy Note 5 users a fix for this. In the meantime, if you do have one, be careful so you won’t break your phablet its first week out.

VIA: Android Police, Forum XDA Developers


  1. IMHO, the device not handling an incorrectly inserted stylus is to be expected. The removal of replaceable battery, microSD support, and IR blaster, and a GLASS BACK are design flaws.

  2. This whole inserting the s pen in backwards is a joke. Samsung should come out and comment on it. . Saying ” We thought this was a Smartphone, and really didn’t designed it for idiots.” Our bad, we’ll make a stupid phone next year as well


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