Google TV has taken a beating in the last few months, especially Logitech’s flagship Revue set top box. To add insult to injury, GTV Source reports that a considerable number of users who recently bought the Revue found that it couldn’t authenticate with Google’s servers, making the device a curvy and expensive paperweight. Apparently the issue is only happening to newer Revue boxes, though that’s hardly a comfort to those affected.

There’s nothing for it except to return the unit to Logitech and wait for a replacement. The error comes from an issue with the device’s firmware, and according to a Logitech executive, there’s nothing that users can do to fix the problem themselves. (Just for the record: a locked bootloader doesn’t help, Logitech.) He recommends either returning the Revue to the retailer for an exchange or calling Logitech for an RMA replacement. I’d go with the second option, since the retailer might just swap you for a similarly affected unit.

Logitech has recently stopped manufacturing the Revue, with no plans to continue in the immediate future. The Google TV program has cost the company 100 million dollars in losses, along with other poor performing hardware. That leaves Sony as the sole manufacturer of Google TV hardware for the time being, though more partners may be announced at CES. All this is very disappointing for those who picked up a cheap $100 Revue waiting on the Honeycomb update, which allows for Android Market access.

[via Androinica]