When you use your smartphone a lot, it is not so surprising when your battery gets drained a lot. But when you’re just walking around with your phone in your pocket, it should not be the case. However, some users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra have been complaining that their device has been eating up an unusual amount of battery life. Apparently they have been infected with a weird bug wherein the camera app is using up the battery even if you’re not actually using it.

SAM Mobile shares that there are a lot of frustrated Galaxy S21 Ultra owners that have been complaining about this strange bug their device has. At first users were wondering about the battery drain until advanced battery morning apps found the culprit: the camera. Apparently the camera app wakes up when the smartphone detects that it is moving. So if you’re just walking around with your phone in your pocket, then of course eventually your battery will run out even if you think you’re not using it.

And what made it worse was that the regular battery stats monitor that Android devices have could not identify what app was taking up all that juice. The battery drain depends on the device with some experiencing 21% drain within 17 hours even though they only used the phone for 15 minutes. This seems to be affecting only the Ultra users and not the other S21 series. Some Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners saw their camera waking up but they’re not seeing it drain their batteries.

Even though there have been several complaints about it through the Samsung Members app and in some support channels, the OEM seems to have not responded to them. They may be seeing it as not an issue since it’s not spotted by the battery stats monitor. But complaints have been piling up over the last two months so they may need to say or do something soon. SAM Mobile hasn’t received a reply yet from Samsung.

For now, Galaxy S21 Ultra users have no fix for this issue. The recent software updates from Samsung have not brought any relief for users and their device battery.


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