T-Mobile has been selling pre-orders of the G1 ever since the T-mobile G1 announcement event on September 23rd. The first carrier to sell an Android handset ran out of available G1 devices for pre-order in no time; pre-ordering is back, but with new fine-print that could delay delivery past those picking the handset up in-store.

T-Mobile ended up tripling production for the presale of the G1 trying to satisfy the strong demand. T-Mobile has just announced some more information that may make consumers want to wait in line rather than pre-order the G1 online. Located in the fine print there is a lot of surprising information as to just when you will be receiving your pre-order.

For those customers who pre-ordered their Android before October 3rd, the soonest they will be receiving their phone will be October 22nd. Anyone who got a late start on the pre-order and ordered the G1 after October 3rd will receive it no sooner than November 10th. That date is tentative as the first date you may receive it.

T-Mobile’s site reads, “Order yours before October 21, 2008, and it will be delivered as early as November 10, 2008.* After all, as a loyal customer, you deserve to get what you want—when you want it.” I find this kind of odd as loyal customers would want the device on launch day if not sooner, not after new customers were already able to purchase theirs. I want to know what you guys think about this policy.

[Via Gadgetell]