Trend Micro Malicious Camera Apps

More apps are being deleted by the Google Play Store team. Most of these apps are being tagged as malicious, posing as beauty camera apps. The alarming danger is that these apps are said to be sending pornographic content to users. They also redirect them to phising websites. For some, there have been reports of photos being collected. Now that sounds really disturbing. Read on to know what beauty camera apps have been detected to be malicious. These apps are supposed to be gone from the Play Store now.

Some of the apps can access remote ad configuration servers. The danger is they could be utilized for malicious purposes. Beauty apps are popular so it’s not surprising these apps are downloaded by millions.

Most of the apps are from India and other Asian countries. The information is from Trend Micro who did a technical analysis. What usually happened was the apps create shortcuts after being launched and then hide the icon from the app list.

The apps were hidden so users couldn’t delete them easily. The obvious effects are full screen ads showing when unlocking phones. Most of the ads were malicious ads pointing to inappropriate and fraudulent content that wouldn’t even play.

Here is a list of some beauty camera and filter apps found to be malicious:

Art Editor
• Art Effect
• Art Effects for Photo
• Art Filter
• Art Filter Photo
• Art Filter Photo Editor
• Art Filter Photo Effcts
• ArtFlipPhotoEditing
• Artistic effect Filter
• Awesome Cartoon Art
• Beauty Camera
• Cartoon Art Photo
• Cartoon Art Photo
• Cartoon Art Photo Filter
• Cartoon Effect
• Cartoon Photo Filter
• Emoji Camera
• Fill Art Photo Editor
• Horizon Beauty Camera
• Magic Art Filter Photo Editor
• Photo Art Effect
• Photo Editor
• Pixture
• Prizma Photo Effect
• Pro Camera Beauty
• Selfie Camera Pro
• Super Camera
• Wallpapers HD

SOURCE: Trend Micro