I’ve always imagined living in a community where everything is sustainable, eco-friendly, and solar-powered. While it may be long before that dream becomes a reality, I know solar technology will go a long way as it is rapidly expanding nowadays. Solar charging isn’t exactly new but it can still be expensive these days. You don’t need to buy a huge solar panel just to power your gadgets at home because there are devs and designers that are already working on smaller and cheaper versions. Take for example this Solar Paper, a new project by Yolk that is currently listed on Kickstarter.

Solar Paper is described as the first solar charger that can be placed inside a book, your planner, or notebook. It’s very thin at only 1.5mm and very lightweight unlike any other solar chargers available in the market. Fund goal is $50,000 but almost $200,000 have been donated by more than 1,300 backers already and with 38 more days to go before deadline. We’re expecting more will donate to this project which is actually a good and achievable one.

According to Yolk, they have made orders for materials already except for the solar panels. Estimated delivery is September this year for the first batch with the second one shipping the following month. If not, in November or any time before the year ends. This is one great idea as it can charge your gadgets in a few hours or so almost the same as an ordinary wall charger. It will come in different models: 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, and 10W solar chargers. All you need is Mr. Sun to get some energy and you’re good to go.

The team behind this, Yolk, is the same one behind the Solarade. It’s the first solar charger project that quickly became a success. This Solar Paper is only their second project but they are hopeful that it will surpass the success of Solarade. That’s not impossible because of the support of many backers and the expertise and technology of the Yolk. The latter is just a small company but their vision to spread green technology is great and their solar technology is already proven to be really useful and effective.

If you wish to support the Solar Project, feel free to check out Yolk’s Kickstarter page. Expected retail prices are $120, $160, and $200 for the 5W,7.5W, and 10W models, respectively.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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