New details on the Sony D6503 (or ‘Xperia Z2’) are out, and show a handset that is really packing a punch. We have no concern when it comes to Sony hardware, but in getting a peek at their Android interface, we’re seeing a lot we like. Sony fans will really enjoy this, and if you’re on the fence about a new smartphone, you’re going to want to see what Sony has in store.

 The more sensational news comes in the camera, where we’re expecting a 20.7 megapixel offering. As was rumored with the Xperia Z1, this time it’s confirmed: the Xperia Z2 will shoot 4K video. There is also a Timeshift mode which Xperia Blog suspects will allow you to record at a high frame rate, then add slow motion features later on.

More ineresting news comes from the dialer, where Sony has added an answering machine feature. It seems as though this will forgo the voicemail system we’ve all grown accustomed to altogether. There is also mention of “Smart call handling”, in which gestures do the work for you. If you move a phone to your face, it automatically picks up. Shake it and it goes to voicemail. Turn it over, and the ringer silences.

Something we really like about LG handsets — and is present on Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z — is tapping the screen to wake it. That functionality looks as though it’s coming the the Xperia Z2, also. We also see two launchers, though one is a “Simple” launcher, and really looks to be for those who don’t need much from their device.

Sony is really packing paunch with the Xperia Z2 (or ‘Sirius’ if you like), it seems. Though their Xperia UI is a little heavy, it really brings some heavy punches with it. Unlike some other Android skins, the Z2’s new interface looks like it’s full of stuff we’ll actually use. Still no official word on launch, though we expect it right around MWC.