In what may be another industry upset, Softbank is reportedly just a few steps away from the acquiring T-Mobile. Should things go the Japanese carrier’s way, the competition between the top US mobile carriers might just get a bit tighter, if not more interesting.

Softbank entered US ground when it bought out one of the country’s major carriers for a price of $20.1 billion late last year. Though its name has slightly receded into the background, it seems quite intent in expanding its mark by laying its hands on T-Mobile.

The road towards that acquisition might not be as smooth, but it might be somewhat cheaper. The estimate price that’s being settled on is around two trillion yen, roughly $19 billion, a billion or so short of Softbank’s earlier buyout. However, the process will still have to go through the FCC and the Department of Justice, and it remains to be seen what these US government agencies will think about a practical merger of two of the country’s top four carriers.

There will definitely be some voicing of concern from T-Mobile’s chief rivals, AT&T and Verizon, who might not want to see Softbank’s resources behind it. It may still take some time, but reports say that Softbank is hoping to have everything ironed out by spring next year.

VIA: Engadget