Let me give you a bit of background on this whole situation. First, there was an official Android mini collectable toy, then a Vampire edition, then a DIY edition. Then there was a mini set of blind-boxed toys as well as a singular original edition. Then there was a snowman version designed by none other than one of my favorite artists ever Andrew Bell whose body of work is called “The Creatures in my Head.” He created a super fun special edition Snowman Android toy (with the original toymakers who have a special deal going with Google) and now there’s a fabulous digital wallpaper for iPhone. Strange? Wonderful.

Below you’ll see a gallery with all of the items mentioned above in it, and feel free to hang over to Creatures in my Head to grab your very own Snowman Android Wallpaper in iPhone size, G1 side, a variety of other set sizes or custom size! Then go back to DYZPlastic where you can buy all manner of Android toys visible right here in this thread! If you’ve got any of the figures in this particular line, feel free to let us know how kewl they are, or if you’ve got a tip on other places Google and Android are dipping into the designer toy world – give a shout!

[Via Creatures in my Head]


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