If you’re looking for a new photo sharing app and happen to like rapper Snoop Dogg, you’ll want to check out Snoopify. The app is a photo sharing offering from the rapper that allows you to take photos and enhance them with stickers of some of the things Snoop is famous (or infamous) for.

The app was made in conjunction with a retailer called Upper Playground and marketing agency Kashmir Agency. The app is available as a free download for Android users. The app isn’t a social network on its own and is designed to let you tweak photographs with virtual stickers.

The app will let users save the photographs and the photographs can be shared on any social network that supports photo sharing. In fact, the people behind the app want users to use the tag #snoopifyapp when they share their photographs on social networks.

This is the second app we’ve seen from the Snoop Dogg camp in 2013. The previous app offered fans a look behind-the-scenes of the rapper’s latest album. That app was called Snoop Lion Reincarnated: Track Notes and was available for the iPad. Snoop is also working on a fighting game called Way of the Dogg so we will hear more from the musician this year.

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