Anyone that has an office at work or home knows that outlets are at a premium. Sometimes plugging in your smartphone to charge means unplugging something else that is using the outlet already. A new outlet cover has turned up that adds a USB port without taking up any of the outlets you need for other items.

The coolest part about the SnapPower charger is that it needs no wiring to work. Once installed the USB charger produces one amp of power. It will charge any USB device that can be charged from 1 Amp devices. That means some tablets needing two amps won’t charge.


The key to the easy installation of the device is power prong technology tabs on the back of the face plate. Those prongs touch the points where the power wire inside your walls screws to your outlet.


All you need to do for install is to remove the old outlet cover and screw the SnapPower on. SnapPower is on Kickstarter seeking $35,000 and has raised over $330,000 so far with 44 days to go. A pledge of $14 or more will get you a SnapPower with shipping estimated for August 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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