While browsing through your photos on your smartphone from your vacation or a night out with friends is always nice (and at times, entertaining), there are moments when you’d really love to have printed versions of your favorite ones. A new Kickstarter project aims to bring that capability with the SnapJet device, and you don’t even need any wires or apps to do so. It just makes use of good old analog instant film and fiber optic technology.

Unlike other sort of similar gadgets trying to do the same thing but is more complicated, SnapJet seems pretty easy to use based on their description. You just need to place your smartphone on top of the gadget, press a button and voila, instant printing of your pictures. You can use either a Polaroid 300 or Fuji Instax Mini cartriidges which should give you 1.8 x 2.4 glossy prints of your favorite pictures. The SnapJet also has OLED display and other connectivity options like USB and Bluetooth Light Energy, in case you still need to retouch and control your pictures.


So, how does it work? During the course of their research for such a product, they realized that the light from a smartphone can actually be used to develop photos, if only the light can be focused enough to produce that print on film. So using “cutting edge fiber technology” and the necessary analog film, it scans and transfers your photos to print it out at an estimated resolution of 1200 dpi. But even after printing, you can still improve on the photos. For example, you can put them under hot water so the photo becomes full transparencies.

If you feel like you need something like this in your life, you still have 24 days to make your pledge on Kickstarter. They’ve almost made half of the $155,000 that they need. Their estimated shipping time should they be able to meet their target is later this year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter


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