This week at CES we’ve been running around like mad-men trying to get a little hands on time with just about everything. Today we had a few minutes to check out multiple new things from Qualcomm, one in particular is the Snapdragon GameCommand application. Just recently announced by Qualcomm this app will highlight games and apps that can take advantage of all the potential inside Snapdragon powered devices.

Qualcomm and their Snapdragon mobile processor (system on chip) is in a multitude of devices throughout the world and have been building a complete end to end system for processors for years. Qualcomm’s shift in focus with GameCommand is to help game and application developers create and optimize their app to not only run great across all devices — but be highly optimized for Snapdragon in particular.

According to Qualcomm these games and applications don’t have to be exclusive to Snapdragon-powered devices like other similar options in the world of Android (Tegra Zone) but instead will work with all devices — just be even better on a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC.

GameCommand is available on the Android Market today so feel free and give it a try. With an alternate “My Games” list to see all your applications, a “featured” tag with top picks or Snapdragon specific features games, and then a “news” feed to bring you the latest and greatest gaming and mobile news.

We have a few new and exciting things coming from Qualcomm later so be sure to stay tuned. More details on the new Snapdragon GameCommand can be found at

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