Usually, people complain about privacy issues when it comes to picture sharing app Snapchat. But the latest issue to plague users has nothing to do with pictures being leaked or anything like that, but more on how the latest update to the app has been burning through the background and draining the battery of mobile devices. This is probably due to the latest feature that they have introduced to users which is running in the background even when you’re not using the app.

Snapchat users have been posting screenshots on how the app has been eating up data usage. One user showed that it was using over 40MB while it was open and then 250MB in the background and that’s just in one week. Some software-savvy people say that the culprit in this instance is Discover, that new feature Snapchat introduced almost two weeks ago. It lets publishers like CNN, National Geographic, ESPN, and other media companies publish exclusive content like pictures and videos on the app itself. Since it started, users have said the app has continually crashed and eaten up background data.

The good news is that you can stop the app from running in the background and ruining your data count and battery life. Go to your smartphone’s settings, look for the Data Usage section, then look for Snapchat. Just click on the Restrict Background data option, and that should do the trick.

As for Snapchat itself, they have released an update already, but there’s no changelog with it, so we’re not sure if that is their fix for the complaints from users. Of course they’d still want their user base to use and appreciate Discover, but if the data and battery drain continues, then people might not appreciate the benefits of this new feature.

VIA: Android Police