Snapchat, who has seen their share of bad press lately, is experiencing more service issues. It seems the new issue relates to spam messages, enough to warrant a blog post from Snapchat. Though they don’t think the spam problem coincides with recent issues, they did issue a slight apology upfront, which is a departure from their stance previously.

Through the blog post, Snapchat notes they believe the “Snap Spam” is related to the popularity of the service, not any issue with back-end structure. To avoid unwanted Snaps, the team at Snapchat advises that all users adjust settings to let only they friends send messages to them. Snapchat didn’t give a timeframe for a fix, but they’re looking into the problem.

From the verbiage on the posting, it sounds as though this was a recent issue that a popped up over the weekend. Snapchat, probably not wanting another out-of-control media frenzy, has jumped on the problem straight away. Though they claim it’s unrelated to the Find Friends problems over the holidays, they’re not saying what the recent influx of spam is about.

This adds to the many questionable Snapchat moves as of late. Before their recent spat of issues involving Find Friends, in which a hack allowed users to manipulate the service to find real info about users, they reportedly turned down lucrative offers from Facebook and Google. Perhaps Snapchat should have taken the money and ran, letting others to face the issues before them today.