Snapchat may be the pioneer in ephemeral apps, but since its heyday, there have been a lot of similar and copycat apps that have made its way into the market. So the developers over there are continuing to enhance their photo service, and this time around, they’ve made public the geofilters that users can apply to their photos before sending.

The geofilters available for Snapachat are dependent on where you took the pictures. For example, if you’re in Chinatown in San Francisco, your filter options are different for when you’re in Brooklyn, New York. They’ve created thematic filters based on what certain cities are famous for. To be able to use them, of course you need to turn on your phone’s location services so that the app can detect where you actually are. But Snapchat assures users that they are not storing the location data on their servers.

Now you’re ready to use the geofilters. Take a quick picture of yourself, your friends or the scenery around you, and before you send it through Snapchat, swipe right to choose which geofilters you want to apply. Each location may have several options, so keep swiping until you get the one the filter that you think best represents your photo and your location.

There are some concerns that eventually, if this catches on, Snapchat might eventually start monetizing the feature by getting brands to create their own geofilters or to place ads in certain filters. But for now, you can still enjoy ad-free fun filters, that will eventually disappear anyway after not more than 10 seconds (unless someone screencaps it).

SOURCE: Snapchat
VIA: Business Insider